2015: Year of Extreme Volatility or Opportunity

"This week, corporate Australia gets serious after the summer somnolence. Admittedly, plenty of execs are still skiing in the United States or Japan. And some are no doubt about to take themselves very seriously in Davos.

But for most, there’s no putting off the grinding reality of trying to prepare businesses for the problems and opportunities of the year to come. That’s never easy, but not even three weeks in, 2015 is already demonstrating the extreme volatility likely to roil markets over the next several months at least."

- by Jennifer Hewett, AFR

I, on the other hand, think volatility and uncertainty bring opportunity and a good shake out from our comfort zones. I also like to use this time of year to write down what I want to achieve during the year. So with that in mind I'm sharing my planning template here. I am asked for this almost constantly from November to March every year as many of those I have already shared it with find it a valuable tool for thinking through and setting out plans for the year ahead.

It's two pages, really simple and doesn't take a lot of time to complete. 

I do it once a year and pretty much forget about it throughout the year and then pick it up again every January and find I have done a whole lot of things I set out to and more. It feels like a little bit of magic. It also gets easier every year. 

Download it here: Annual Plan

Good luck and happy 2015