How to get strategic thinking for free

It's a busy time of the year at the moment, everyone is running hard to finish their work in time for Christmas. But what about next year? It's only a few weeks away.

No doubt you are already thinking of the projects and opportunities for 2013 and how you are going to make it all happen, however budgets are tight and there is some nervousness about committing right at this moment.

Well, what if you could get two to three weeks of strategic thinking for free and virtually without lifting a finger?

Sounds a bit too good to be true doesn't it?

The upcoming holiday season is wonderful time for people to reconnect with their families, unwind and get creative. In fact some of the best ideas are generated on holidays so take advantage of this.

Commit to your 2013 projects now, tell your suppliers, contractors, consultants, advisors and employees that you are really looking forward to working with them next year and start talking about the projects you want to work with them on.

High performers, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs are notorious for only needing a couple of days to unwind before their brains start firing again.

The amazing Amanda Gome testifies to this with her article 'On holiday, thinking strategy'. She also references some great articles from Harvard Business Review that will inspire innovation.

I couldn't agree with this sentiment more, after two days of downtime I too am ready to go again, but also I find myself thinking about my clients and strategies that might work for them from the moment we have had the conversation. They automatically hit my radar and it's game on.

So all you need to do to get your free strategic thinking is engage with and commit to those people now and their subconscious powerhouses will be working on your behalf over the break.

Happy Holidays.