Don't let someone sabotage your personal brand

Most people have no idea how vulnerable their personal brand is. They also don’t know how easy it is to protect.

Political parties and activist groups, such as GetUp!, are registering the domain names of MPs and using them against those individuals for various campaigns.

Barnaby Joyce, Eric Abetz and Michael Sukkar are the latest victims, with Kristina Kennelly getting into strife last year. Barnaby Joyce! Australia's Deputy Prime Minister.

It’s bad enough to share your name with a high profile person and not be on the first page of Google. How happy would you be if a porn star, or in my case a scantily dressed fitness model, shared your name and used it to promote themselves?

Try Googling yourself to see what’s there.

But before you do anything, lock down your brand.

Go to Crazy Domains or one of the low cost domain providers and for less than a sandwich, buy the domain names relevant to your name. Buy them all and set up auto-renew.

I have just searched for the .com and for a number of politicians and found that just about all of them are vulnerable to this sort of attack. 

So if you think you’re fine, not senior enough, or too senior to worry about this, think again.

Nina Anderson