Diverse Networks Create Higher Firm Value

Here's something to think about: If a diversely networked CEO generates an approximately sixteen-fold firm market value increase relative to their compensation, how much value can you bring to your business by diversifying or even extending your network?

I'm sharing an article today that explores how the diversity of CEO networks might affect their businesses, and how it's a key ingredient in growing their companies and creating higher firm value.

This value comes in the form of better corporate innovations, successful diversified M&As and the expansive knowledge required to innovate and respond to increased competitive pressure.

This is not fluffy stuff and the necessity of these networks is not exclusive to the CEO.

Don't pick winners in this. Empower your people to build their networks and your business will reap the rewards.

Many projects flounder because people aren't connecting with the right people, and all too often they aren't connecting with people at all.

Many initiatives fail because the external conversations and learning did not take place prior.

How many valuable ideas do you think you generate by staying in the office or only associating with colleagues, customers and suppliers?

You don't need approval to build a strategic and diverse network, you just need to take the initiative and get out there.

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