Would you follow a lemon?

Seriously, a lemon?

I was in the supermarket yesterday and picked up some lemons with a ‘follow us on Facebook’ sticker on them and it struck me as odd that anyone would follow a lemon producer on Facebook.

Well, it turns out quite a few people follow them. 1,369 to be precise and they have 1,412 likes. I think that’s pretty impressive.

What’s also interesting is their use of Facebook. They send out staff updates about plant operations, such as packing being cancelled, trade show activity, training and development, and fruit picking teams, their aspirations and impact.

They also have recipes for customers, advice on how to choose the best fruit and health tips, all of which is tapping into the food provenance movement.

Where am I going with this?

They’re not even trying; this growth is organic (no pun intended). There are no ads, no boosted posts and no blogs, there are just some great photos, a PR reference and a few hashtags.

It shows the power of Facebook as a communications medium. With one billion active users per day, whether you like it or not, it’s where the market is, from your staff to customers. When you look at the engagements per post, this page shows how you can successfully communicate with multiple audiences via a single channel.

This approach makes social media far simpler from a business management perspective and that’s something every business I work with would be interested in.

Check them out – Abbotsleigh Citrus.

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Nina Anderson

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