What are you talking yourself out of?

What are you talking yourself out of? 

I have been talking myself out of a 12km trail run lately.

I've found every excuse under the sun to negotiate with; lack of training due to being sick, lack of training due to the kids being sick, too cold in the mornings to do the miles, too dark in the mornings etc. etc. etc!

The list is endless. Including the one about the creek crossings and the bee stings - my actual run story from last year! (You can read it here if you are interested.)

However, I committed to this event some months ago, along with a friend who I ran with last year and although I haven't been putting in enough time doing the miles, I know I can manage the distance. So I am now (perhaps still high from my last run) putting my energy into talking myself into it.

So what is it you are talking yourself out of? 


What is it worth to you to do it? This doesn't necessarily mean money, it could be about peace of mind, having a sense of achievement or about making a connection.

How can you turn this around? 

My advice, start.

Pick up a pen. Pick up the phone. Whatever it is. Take a deep breath and have a crack.

You'll feel better once you do and you will be delighted to get the monkey off your back.

You will also realise that quite often the only thing holding you back is self doubt, which can be easily overcome by having a go and proving to yourself you have what it takes.

Wish me luck for Sunday!