Looking to build your network on LinkedIn? Here's how to do it.

How many times have you received a standard LinkedIn connection request from someone you don't know? Or perhaps you do know them and they haven't bothered to write you a personal note. I've lost count. That's because I delete those connection requests. I'm simply not interested in connecting with someone who cannot be bothered to type a quick, "Hi, I'm really interested in what you do and would love to connect with you."

I've recently received some fantastic connection requests from people who I have both met and never laid eyes on and it was a no-brainer to accept them. I thought I'd share a few of them with you here.

  1. Hi Nina,
    LinkedIn suggested we should connect, and I just read your profile.
    You have a very interesting business story there. I'd like to keep in touch.
    Kind regards...
  2. Lovely to meet you on Wednesday night. Let's stay in touch on LinkedIn as well.
  3. Nina- it was great to meet you at lunch last Friday. I enjoyed swapping stories. 
  4. Hello Nina,
    I see that you have an amazing profile in your industry. I'm looking to make new connections for future business networking opportunities. Please accept my invitation to connect.
  5. Hi Nina,
    I stumbled on your LinkedIn profile through the PR & Social Media for Businesses LinkedIn group and noticed we share a bunch of professional interests. I thought you might like to connect and share some ideas. 
  6. Hi Nina, Thanks for joining us this evening. I hope you enjoyed the discussion and hope to see you at other events down the track. In the meantime I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. Warm regards...

Aren't these lovely? I happily accepted all of these invitations and have relished having contact, sharing ideas and learning from these highly professional people.

I hope these give you a little inspiration to write something different and uplifting when connecting with people online.