Anderson Advisory understands that you need to strategically align your communications around your business strategy and that you want certainty and value for money with your marketing spend. With this in mind, we have put together the following packages.

  • Profile Building Program
  • Market Engagement Program
  • Influencer Program
  • Industry Leader Program

Profile Building Program

We often hear from our clients that they don't have the time or knowledge to create an online profile and they don't have the time to get out and build their networks. In fact, many don't know where to start and as a result they put it off.

We also know that you have people in your business who need to be known for their specific skills in order to attract business and engage with the market.

So we have developed a program for individuals and businesses who need a profile that makes them stand out.

We work with you to become very clear about your brand, who is in your market and what it is you need to say and do to build your influence. The result is a bespoke profile that opens doors, starts conversations and increases your visibility.

Market Engagement Program

Many of our clients do not have a brand strategy and as such fall into the trap of engaging in ad hoc marketing and communications activities. This is not only expensive, but can often miss the mark and fail to get the intended results.

The Market Engagement Program has been created to help businesses grow their market presence and ultimately their profits by connecting and communicating with their customers, stakeholders and other key audiences.

This program delivers a full market engagement plan which provides a detailed go-to-market program for each stakeholder group and can be immediately used to boost brand awareness and increase lead generation.

Influencer Program

The Influencer Program is typically used by businesses and individuals who want to shift from obscurity to influencer status.

With this program you will forge strategic relationships, be firmly connected to the pulse of your market and have a clear understanding of how to communicate with your growth sectors.

In addition to designing the market engagement strategy, Anderson Advisory will manage the strategy implementation on your behalf.

Industry Leader Program

The Industry Leader Program has been designed to harness your intellectual property and lead industry discussion around it.

This is a full service package where Anderson Advisory will put you on the map and manage the implementation of your market engagement strategy, working closely with you to deliver strategic objectives.

There is a significant time commitment required for this program, so you will need to be prepared for news generation, media interviews, stakeholder and government meetings, speaking opportunities, social media interest and considerable market engagement.

Thank you for taking the time to read through these options. Please note that all package lengths can be tailored to suit client requirements.

For further information on these packages or to discuss your options please contact us to arrange a complimentary one-on-one discussion.

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