Profile Development

  • If you have a group of highly talented people in your business who need help being present, relevant and consistent in the market, we can help.

  • We specialise in working with technical experts to help them translate their expertise into plain English and gain greater traction in the market.

Writing for Board

  • We know Board papers are a challenge for many executives to write and brief ones are nearly impossible.

  • We also understand how challenging it can be for Board Directors to work through complex and excessively long Board papers.

  • We work with executive teams to improve their writing style, determine key information to include and how to make their point quickly and succinctly.

Writing for Business

  • There are many different forms of business communication these days from email to business cases and none of them need to be university essays!
  • We have developed a program for staff from all levels that will train them to write more clearly, more effectively and more confidently.

Media Training

  • We have more than 20 years of experience working with the media, from issues and crisis management to proactive media engagement.

  • We believe media training is essential for those who will be speaking with the press but we don’t think you need to be trained until you have something to say.

  • We work with clients to work out what their messages are and when appropriate we train them to deliver them to the media and we coach them right throughout the process.

Presentation Training

  • Public speaking is one of the biggest fears people have and the only way to get over this fear is to practice and review each presentation.

  • We understand everyone is different in their style and delivery. Many people are brilliant in practice but that confidence disappears on stage, while others simply freeze.

  • We work with our clients to develop their unique style and help them overcome their fears at a pace they can cope with, while providing specific techniques for becoming more effective and confident speakers.

Nina Anderson
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